Thursday, September 1, 2011

Here We Go Again

Whoops! There goes another week without blog posts. (Probably longer than that even...) Sorry about that. As I mentioned at the end of the WorldCon series, I came home for about 36 hours before turning around and leaving for school. Not much room for writing in that kind of a time frame.

I am back on schedule now, however, and semi-regular posting should resume as the semester wears on.

A few notes on what's coming up:

1. Runic Rewrite.
This is the big project for the semester. A comprehensive rewrite of Runic, my first completed novel. It's going to be bigger, clearer, more inventive, and just better. (Not hard. Seriously, it's bad...)
Today is the first day of my Fall writing season, and thus the first day I've worked on Runic outside of conceptual formations, so you can expect to see those progress bars increasing again soon.
All of this excitement and ambition comes with a caveat, of course. I want all of you to understand that, although I do want to post here on the blog as frequently as possible, I probably won't be on here every day. Maybe not even once a week. The novel is taking up the bulk of my time and energy, and I also have school and a social life to contend with. Whatever is left after that will go to the blog. You have my assurances.

2. Europe and WorldCon trip recaps.
Yes, these are coming. Yes, I know I've been dragging my heels about them. I'm sorry. I'll try to make these a priority over other blogging material, but you have to understand that these are often the posts that take the most effort (aside from the seven or so that I posted during WorldCon week, those were adrenaline fueled word-dumps). I try to put out a well-designed product with these posts (complete with pictures!), so if I end up posting a few "random thoughts and update" posts between now and the first of my continuing trip recaps, please don't think that I've gone back on my word. They will be a priority moving forward.

3. The Vanishing Blog.
I'd like to get back to contributing on this site again. I really like the tone and topics and would like to do what I can to support the blog. I've started a number of posts that I want to publish over there, but I just haven't gotten around to finishing them. This is, of course, a tertiary priority after the above two, but I wouldn't be surprised (and neither should you) if I end up finishing some of those off and/or popping out completely new ones from time to time. *shrug* We'll see.

All right. That's all from me for now. Again, sorry that this isn't a trip update. I'm working on the Hugos recap, and I'll start working on the Europe trip posts again. You can probably expect to see some more stuff about WorldCon in the near future as well, but not until after I've done the others. (There I go explaining things again. Agh. You get the point, yes?)

I'm off to write.

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