A Craftsman

Hey, my name is Joshua Kehe (that's "kay" like the letter). I used to be uncomfortable revealing that information, but not so much anymore. (Though I still wonder sometimes if it's a good idea.)


   This is my blog. Welcome! I hope you find something that interests you. It used to be really stuffy (like me), but I think it's getting better now. Have a look through the archives to see what I mean...if you dare! :)


   Also, I am a full-time aspiring author, which means I spend almost every waking moment thinking about someday getting paid for this (along with working toward that goal, of course). Right now I'm writing one book a month, with the idea that at least one of the next three (dozen or so) should be worth your time. Until that time, though, I'm enjoying life and trying to grow.


   I hope you enjoy it here, and please let me know how I'm doing. If I'm not informing or entertaining, then I'm not doing my job right. :)
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