Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reading List 2011

In alphabetical order by last name.

Farenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury
The Warded Man, by Peter V. Brett
Codex Alera, by Jim Butcher   (6 books)
The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho
The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins   (3 books)
House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski
The Maze Runner, by James Dashner   (3 books)
The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas
Malazan Book of the Fallen, by Steven Erikson   (10 books)
The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett
Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman
Howl's Moving Castle, by Diana Wynn Jones   (3 books)
The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson   (14 books)
The Stand, by Steven King
Perelandra, by C.S. Lewis   (3 books)
The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli   (nonfiction?)
Dying of the Light, by George R.R. Martin
The Book of Five Rings, by Miyamoto Musashi   (nonfiction)
Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell
A Short History of the World, by J.M. Roberts   (nonfiction)
Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson   (3 books)
The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss   (3 books, eventually...)
A History of Western Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell   (nonfiction)
Warbreaker, by Brandon Sanderson
Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck
Leviathan, by Scott Westerfield   (2 books)
The Once and Future King, by T.H. White
The Thrawn Trilogy, by Timothy Zahn   (3 books, obviously)

70 books currently, if I read them all. You'll note that there's a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. That's okay. We've got plenty of books here to fill our goal of reading one fiction book every two weeks. (For those who don't want to do the math, I need to read 26 books total.)

I started Warbreaker today, so that'll fill the first couple weeks here. Following that, I'd like to read Of Mice and Men, or The Once and Future King. I'll probably read The Prince this month as well if I have time (flight time is about ten hours, so...).

I may start Malazan Book of the Fallen once I'm in England, but that'll eat up most of my reading list, especially since I'm planning on reading The Wheel of Time during my Fall semester (in preparation for the final book's release in early 2012).

Yeah, if I go with that plan, it effectively eliminates my reading goal for the year. Wow.

We very well may adjust the reading goal. It should be relatively easy to fit some of the Young Adult novels here in between the epics (I read I Am Not A Serial Killer in about three days following The Way of Kings). And using those as something of a palate cleanser will provide the variety I'll need to continue with the weightier books.

In addition, I really want to make a dent on my "classics debt" this year. I am horribly deficient in my knowledge of such works as Dracula, The Count of Monte Cristo, Ninteen Eighty-Four, etc.All things that I need to read. So those are a priority this year.

Wrapping up, House of Leaves is a novel that's generated some buzz recently (despite being published back in 2000), The Name of the Wind is widely lauded as just about the best thing to happen to fantasy lately, The PIllars of the Earth and The Stand are modern epics of a non-fantasy variety, and I want to read Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy again just to see if it's still good or not.

As always, I'm open to suggestions, and I'll likely deviate from this list as people proclaim the greatness of other books to me (I've already had The Lies of Locke Lamora and  One Hundred Years of Solitude pitched to me just sitting here). For now, though, this is a good start.

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  1. Good. Taste.
    I look forward to hearing about these as you finish them.