Friday, December 9, 2011

Reader's Block Presentation

Hey, everybody. So, things have been abundantly busy and stressful this week. As a result, I have gotten none of my work done unless it's for class. (And even some of that has been difficult to squeeze in.)

Even though I don't have anything to share about my short story sprint project (which is quickly metamorphosing into "the short story crawl" :-/  [Odd, I thought things were supposed to get better when they "metamorphosed."]), I do want to share with you a semi-creative piece I did as a part of my group presentation for the Introduction to Literary Genres: the Novel, class.

A brief background: Reader's Block is an experimental novel by David Markson that weaves numerous quotes from literary figures into a bare-bones story about a man known only as Reader who is trying to write a book about a character named Protagonist. It is this word-tapestry style that I attempted to emulate in presentation on the surrounding context of Markson's work, using the internet.

Right. Okay. And now for something completely different.

Reader's Block

The most helpful favorable review
(*****) “The best piece of American fiction in ten years.” By A Customer

--> Google search: "Reader's Block"
--> Top 3 results

Geoff Dyer: Reader’s Block
Don’t read much now.Philip Larkin, “A Study of Reading Habits”

Urban Dictionary
Reader’s Block
May 12, 2009 Urban Word of the Day

--> Open three new tabs.
--> Google Search: “Philip Larkin”
--> Google Search: “Law & Order”
--> Google Search: “Nerdlinger”

Philip Larkin: The Poetry Foundation

Law & Order TV Show Series on NBC: Find Cast Info and Episode Guide

The Nerdlinger Awards: About

--> Close tabs.

The most helpful critical review
(***--) “The Culture of Death” By R. W. Rasband

--> Google Search: “Flaubert’s Parrot”
--> Enter
--> Top three results from newspapers
The New York Times, “Obsessed with the Hermit of Croisset” by Peter Brooks

The Guardian, “Critical thinking: Julian Barnes’s narrator in Flaubert’s Parrot can mock literary criticism, says John Mullan, but he can’t get away from it,” by John Mullan

Time Magazine, “Books: Pleasures of Merely Circulating Flaubert’s Parrot,” by Martha Duffy

The most helpful favorable review
(*****) “Deeply Felt, Highly Literate, Highly Entertaining,” By mp

The most helpful critical review
(**---) “NO, I DON’T WANNA CRACKER,” By John Stahle

--> Google Search: “paratactic”
--> Enter
paratactic - definition of paratactic by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Encyclopedia
par-a-tax-is (pronunciation guide)

--> Close all tabs.

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