Monday, December 20, 2010

Return and Updates

Okay, so it's been a while since I've been able to post anything and it's been even longer since my last update. I'm done with finals, back from school, and all rested up. So it's time to return to work. So let's go through a quick rundown on both and talk about this year's projects in preparation for next year's prospects.

Declaration -- NaNo 2010

This project is done, as I said. At this point, I'm waiting to hear back from some alpha-readers about what they think. I may return to it for some revision later on in my career. For now, though, this project is done. It was good practice and an enjoyable experience. Unless I have some particular nugget of wisdom to share about it or I receive an especially entertaining comment from my alpha readers, I'm going to put this one to rest for a while. You shouldn't be hearing about it at all in the coming year.


As I've mentioned before, this was my semester project for the Fall. It went well, I had a good run that brought me through about half of my prepared outline. Unfortunately, it has since stalled out a bit for a number or reasons. I'm trying to finish off another story arc before the end of the year, but my progress has been slacking. I'm still really excited about this project, but I think I need to sit down with what I have in order to redevelop some of the initial world-building and character development. In any case, this is probably a project that will be put away for most of the new year. I may return to it during the summer or revive it for my Fall project next year, but for the time being I'm intending to keep it under wraps.


Lots of potential here. That's all I can really say about it right now. I've had a number of conceptual breakthroughs on what to do with the story -- where it's at, where it's going, what I need to do to fix it, etc. -- but I'm still only at the read-through stage. I haven't been able to examine it structurally or develop a working outline for it. I haven't been able to nail down any more of its world-building or character development. When am I going to get around to all of these things? I don't know. Right now, I'm just wanting to produce a large quantity of works in order to develop my techniques, styles, and voice as a writer. I want to explore a number of different situations, characters, themes, genres, and ideas before I dedicate two years of myself to polishing up one project. So yeah, right now Runic is on the background, but it's going to get it's proper treatment one of these days.

Other Projects

My goodness, so much I haven't directly worked on, yet has received tremendous boosts of inspiration from this semester. I'm getting much better at conceiving, hatching, and developing a concept, and I'm really excited and (dare I say it?) proud of some of the ones I've found this semester. Maybe I'll do a whole post on that sometime. Sure, it'd make for an entertaining way to follow my own mind from "oh-my-goodness-fantastic" excitement over an idea through "I-can't-believe-I-thought-this-was-good" disappointment over an idea until it reaches "okay-I-think-I-have-something-workable" acceptance of an idea.

Alright, that's all for now. Tomorrow (next time?) I'm going to take a minute to think back on the school semester and see if I can't identify a few things I've learned.

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