Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Few Notes From This Semester

Here are a few excerpts from my notebook this past semester. They're just some ideas that I would like to use in my stories at some point.

--> Fantasy in space. Fully and completely. Not just, "Oh, Star Wars is basically fantasy in space." No, I'm talking elves, dwarves, dragons, magic swords, straight-up D&D archetypes mixed with aliens, space cruisers, strange planets, etc. Maybe even use the classic "Chosen One" setup with an intergalactic setting.
Yeah, it'd be ridiculous. But it'd be a lot of fun as well.

--> Elemental magicians are able to speak with their elements as though they're people. For example, a fire magician might talk to the flame of a candle to learn about its feelings, but then cry when the candle is snuffed out. Obviously, an idea that makes more sense in execution than in theory. Makes for some interesting character developments.

--> What if the Chosen One (TM) was never found until he was in his mid-40s, complete with a wife and kids and everything?

--> What if the Chosen One (TM), after years of trying to be the Hero, turned out to be an ordinary person?

--> What if the Chosen One (TM) was chosen for Evil purposes instead of Good ones?

--> What if the Scrappy Rebels (TM) tried to overthrow the Evil Empire (TM) and unintentionally founded a More Evil Empire (TM) in the process?

-->A man goes on a killing spree because he WANTS to be thrown into jail. Why?

So a lot of potentially subversive approaches to the Chosen One idea. I guess I've been thinking about the typical fantasy setup lately.

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